Dealing With Subcontractors’ Payroll

Your duties as an employer does not only involve paying the right salary to your workers on time. Governing bodies also require that you look after your employees’ welfare in various aspects, including their taxes. This is not complicated if they are regular workers. But if you are hiring subcontractors, the process may become more tricky.

This situation applies in the construction industry where you usually hire third party service providers because of its advantages like the ones mentioned below:

  • The insurance is taken care of by the subcontractor, not you. This is a significant saving in your part.
  • There are benefits that will not be required from you since this is already a third party company.
  • You do not have to worry about managing the workers. People within the subcontractor’s company are the ones that usually supervise the work. You simply tell them your expectations, and then it is up to them to deliver.

While your responsibilities are limited, there still are mandates regarding the taxation that are applicable to this case. However, there is no need for the accounting and payroll department to go crazy as you can always opt for Bespoke Payroll Solutions. You do not have to keep looking over your shoulders if the HMRC is after you. If you want to know more about construction payroll, you can find its details on

There are times when HMRC decides to classify your sub-contractor workers as your employees, depending on when they see it fit. Now the question is when? Instead of wondering, equip your company with Bespoke Payroll Solutions that can adapt to whatever will be required by this non-ministerial department.

Every company is different – protocols, income, operations. While these are decided on by stakeholders, you have to brace yourself for what the HMRC will say regarding your subcontractors’ job status. You might us well employ Bespoke Payroll Solutions.