Learn What Is Your Ultimate TV Antenna Through Lava Hd2605 Review


Originally people get their TV signals through the OTA method which is the “Over the Air” type of antennae. It persisted through the years until the time cable TV presented itself and became the better option though not in the financial sense as this now requires monthly subscriptions. However, cable TV did boost the signal providing highly defined pictures.

However, it was not the end of the OTA type of antennae since many manufacturers are still trying to produce equally high reception antennae without the monthly fee. One product that is a result of these efforts is the lava Hd2605.

What lava Hd 2605 provides?

The lava Hd 2605 has features that are unique from the rest of the OTA type of antennae on top of the common ones. It is also best to learn more about this product through its lava hd2605 review for a better idea but here is what it provides:

  • Far range focusing reception equivalent to a parabolic provision
  • Pre-amplifier has a build-in high gain and low noise packed with surge protection and an adjustable gaining controls
  • Controls functions inside the home or RV
  • Can be used with analog TV as well as digital TV, but the signal reception is at par with the digital TV even though the TV is just analog.
  • For HDTV, it specializes compatibility to varied digital-terrestrial format signals like the  ISDB-T, DVB-T, ATSC and DMB-T/H
  • Equipped with a 360 wide rotation controllable inside the home through a remote. Also this can be mounted anywhere.


Every TV has its capacity of getting signals too, and there are other factors that can hinder that like the location or area. If you are in the city, particularly the bigger ones where the TV stations are near you then your chances of getting a better signal will be greater. This is as compared with those that are far.