Looking Into The Source: The Bombyx Mori Caterpillar

Silk is one of the materials used for a variety of creations because of the amazing feeling of caressing such fabric, alongside the rich history that goes well with its existence. Silk is mostly associated with royalty and other rich folks who can afford the genuine product.

There is the synthetic version in case people can work with the imitation and the budget is fitting for the common folk. Nonetheless, silk is something worth working with as long as they know how to handle the fabric with accurate precision and to know which clothing article pairs well with it. Learn more about women sleepwear on this site.

One of the tips to remember when working with the clothing industry is to understand the source. Silk is crafted through the process with that creature known as the Bombyx Mori caterpillar. That species, once it is done with metamorphosis, will become a moth. But the process is done before the metamorphosis will be completed.

The technique of extracting the filaments once the caterpillar has wrapped itself into the cocoon is known as degumming. The cocoons are first dropped into hot water and the pupa is removed before the filaments are wound into silk thread.

The entire process of breeding, feeding and extracting the silkworms for the raw material is known as sericulture. Because of the long process of sericulture, the prices of silk are quite expensive, but it is worth the labor once the material is made into something spectacular, like the silk pajama set, table clothes, window curtains, ribbons and so much more.

That Interesting Bug

The silkworm must be thanked for the production of the fine material. While it is true that people need to understand more about the insect, once people working for the clothing industry get to know it better, they may soon appreciate the hard work behind the creation of the soft fabric.