Facts You Didn’t Know About Pixel Art – Athanasse Zafirov

Digital art illustration is a thriving industry. So, more than the bolder aesthetics of Vector, or capturing the real beauty and depth with realism, or more profound Adobe Illustrator, Pixel Art has a lot to offer in the digital art industry.

When we say Pixel Art, we are actually describing its major format – the pixel. You might be wondering what is pixel? If you are familiar with family computer games, or arcade games, then you might have noticed the graphics of the game.

What Is Pixel Art

Pixel Art doesn’t require extensive details. As long as the graphic required a certain type of image, then a figure made out of the pixel is created. It only focuses on the object and not on the finer details of the object. If you want to get more details about digital photography, you may visit on https://www.pinterest.com/athanassezafirov.

How To Create A Pixel Art

There are programs that create pixels. Pixel Art by Athanasse Zafirov can place squares on the grid, thus, making it one of the great pixel programs available today. Creating a single pixel is tedious it requires brush strokes and a lot of pencil and lines.

Pixel Art In Games

Heard of the Space Invaders and Donkey Kong? These are some of the classic games that running under Pixel. There is a one popular game is running under Pixel Art and it’s not just an ordinary game. Minecraft which is dominating the children’s game is practically created from pixel. You can easily noticed as Pixel art can also be created from grids and blocks or squares.

Many games are continuously using Pixel art as a part of digital art illustration. Arcade games, Nintendo games and even the 90s family computer games are running in a pixelated form. The success of Minecraft alone determines the continuous popularity of pixel. Regardless if the program was decades old.